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I create affordable, personalized online spaces for artists and creatives looking to tell their stories, share their work and expand their networks.

Welcome to 

Dan Tex Web





The key of this work is communication and specificity.

The first step is hearing from you through my introduction survey linked below. This is a great way for me to meet you and get excited about working with you!

After you get in touch we'll find a time for us to talk via Zoom/Facetime/Phone and we'll lay the ground-work for your site - resume, pictures, must haves etc...


In under two weeks you'll get a couple of different aesthetic possibilities for your site - you should consider these a mix of mood-boards and drafts to give you a sense of color palette, layout etc...

Based on our conversation I'll go back to editing and create a final draft. From there we'll edit/tweak until you see your ideal build.

At this point It's time to publish your site and get you online! 

My goal is to make this a smooth and fun process for the both of us, all the while making sure you are leading and taking charge of your online presence.



I'm Dan Tex! A Brazilian -American artist from São Paulo, Brazil and recent graduate from Penn State University.


I am always looking for opportunities to meet and work with artists and that is exactly what led to Dan Tex Web! It allows me to marry my *potentially unhealthy* organization skills with getting to know and work with other artists.


As a young artist, and recent graduate from a B.F.A. Musical Theatre program, one of my first senior year projects was developing my website. Although intimidating at first, this was one of the few times where I found myself in full creative control! Beyond that there was no 'correct' way to do it! This feeling of artistic ownership is what got me excited about this work.


As an artist creating for other artists, what I am most passionate about is creating a platform for you to own your work and express yourself in an effective but unique way that doesn't take your finances for a spin!


Our online spaces have never played a larger role in our work and life, which can make room for feelings of anxiety, and stress - I’d like to play a part in getting rid of those feelings.

I am so glad you found me and I hope to hear from you!



If you're ready to get started click the link below to fill out a brief survey and I'll get back to you to start the process!


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