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Glennon Doyle

“Imagination is where we go to discover the truest reality”- 



I am a theatre artist from São Paulo, Brazil based in Hoboken, NJ and graduate from Penn State University with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre.

At the ripe age of six I first found my passion at the Casa do Teatro Célia Helena, SP. There, I was introduced to the arts through a groundwork of improvisation and devised theatre - adapting classic texts such as Hamlet and Don Quixote into rather 'unique' theatrical experiences. Fair to say this six-year-old took it very seriously and this is where the theatre-maker in me first came alive.

Since, I have studied around the globe at the New World School of the Arts in Florida, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts in the United Kingdom and most recently Penn State. These institutions gifted me opportunities to train in a variety of different genres, working on classics, new works and cabaret/concerts - giving me the tools and space to get specific about the artist I wanted to be.

What continues to motivate me in this field is the power we have to own our perspectives, choices and flaws - sharing those with others in an effort to connect with them on a greater level. I am eager to continue growing and learning in work that is collaborative, curious and embraces the mess of life.

Biggest inspirations: Danny Burnstein, Brian D'Arcy James, Joshua Henry & Sarah Paulson
Dream Role: Leo Frank in Parade
Favorite Song: September by Earth, Wind & Fire
Favorite Cuisine: Indian

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Penn State Musical Theatre Showcase is LIVE!

I'm returning to my alma mater as a Guest Artist playing Phil under the Direction of fellow alumni Alison Morooney and Choreography by Michele Dunleavy - WE ARE!

THE LAST DAY 29 Hour Reading | Two River Theatre

I'll be returning to this production for its week-long developmental workshop at Two River Theatre in NJ.

This Holiday season I'll be joining the company of A CHRISTMAS CAROL at North Shore Music Theatre!

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“Without vulnerability you cannot create”- 

Brene Brown -